Working Internet Leads vs Warm Transfers

In my line of work it is constantly finding out what works the best for the agent, warm transfer or internet leads? So in this post, I’ll go over the pros and cons of the 2 popular methods insurance agents use to get auto quotes and sales.

Now keep in mind there may be no incorrect solution here, each method is extremely good with building your book of business. But every one has its pros and cons so without further ado this is what we will be evaluating:

  • Cost
  • Quantity
  • Ease of Sale

So make sure to read this review until the end. That is why you can make the best decision for you and even have a third option for you to consider!



Cost is constantly a tough one to explain who truly benefits from either doing warm transfers or internet leads. On one hand you could get leads for $4-$5 dollars and if they are halfway decent you could get a quote every 7-8 leads or $28 – $40 per quote. With warm transfers it could range from $30 – $60 a quote. But examine it this way, with warm transfers you could spend extra time with follow ups, binding contracts, or maybe be able to assist with walk-ins because you are purchasing a company to find you a consumer that desires a quote. With internet leads you need to take time to dial every lead and if it takes 7-8 to get a quote then you definitely are lookin at 10-15 mins of straight dialing. As a person that constantly believes that time is money then I must position warm transfers as the winners here.

WINNER: Warm Transfers



I recall once I was promoting warm transfers and I had agents inform me “Well I can get them for $15 each” I continually used to like to inform them nicely if I were you the next call I make is to the supplier to get more. Because here’s the deal you might be capable of getting a $15 transfer however you’ll perhaps maybe get five a month. I don’t care what your account manager says, a warm transfer algorithm is primarily based totally on how much the agent pays and what their answer rate percentage is. Whatever agent has the very best of these  metrics gets first dibs on the transfer. So why did I go off on a tangent with this data on a Quantity piece. Well right here is where I believe that Internet leads will win 100% of the time. For a $1000 in cost I strongly believe you may get more quotes using internet leads over warm transfers. Let’s do the math right here, let’s use the above pricing I gave for the Cost example. For $4.50 a lead you’ll obtain 222 leads a month if you had a $1000 budget. If the leads are halfway decent and capable of get a quote per 7-8 leads then you may get 28-32 quotes. But with warm transfers, using the median pricing you may AT MOST get 22 transfers. See in case you need to scale up then warm transfers are going to cost you more in the long run. Also on top of that you need to be the higher bidder with a high percentage answer rate to maintain scaling.


Ease of Sale

God I hate this segment of discussion. Every time I hear an agent say “well what are your sales conversions on your leads?”, I want to clap back saying “well how good are you at selling?” Listen I understand that it is everyone’s notion that we as suppliers are responsible for the sales and that is a massive myth. You are. We are here to drive consumers over to you to quote. It’s your process to bring the consumer over to your company. So in terms of ease of Sales I sense it’s a tie. Either case it’s because each technique is coming from the same source, the internet.

In Conclusion, we are able to see that it’s really up to the agent on what they want to do with their business. If you want to coast via means of hitting month-to-month minimums and/or don’t mind that your cost per sale is high then warm transfers could be your best bet. If you need to scale up or you want to 10x your minimum goals and/or don’t mind putting in the elbow grease then internet leads will be the best way to go. In truth here at Compare Insurance Quotes we have created a brand new manner of doing internet leads with our auto subscription. No more paying per lead, only a month-to-month fixed price. If you would love to learn more click below.

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