The Myth of Exclusive Auto Insurance Leads

You might have assumed that if you buy an “exclusive” auto lead it will be easier to quote and sell the customer a policy.  That sounds like a reasonable assumption, but you’d be mistaken.  As high quality as that lead could be, allow me to explain why it’s not possible to obtain true exclusivity when it comes to purchasing internet leads, whether they be auto insurance leads or otherwise.

Today’s online advertising toolbox simply doesn’t allow for exclusivity.

Imagine you are an insurance shopper and you’ve just searched online for “save money on car insurance.”  Voilà, several options for insurance quotes appear, including You fill out a quote request form with all the required information and wait for your quotes to come in. Now, let’s say Compare Insurance Quotes provides exclusive leads to their agent network and so you only hear from one agent/carrier. Given the online tracking by advertisers that we’re all familiar with these days, what do you think will take place every time you see a YouTube ad, visit your social media accounts, or any other site that displays advertising?  You guessed it!  You will be inundated with auto insurance advertisements for at least the next couple of weeks. Taking all of this into consideration, I’m sure you’d agree that the “exclusive” lead that the agent/carrier would have purchased was not truly exclusive, just a really expensive shared lead.

Consumers shopping for insurance want more than just one quote.

As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, put yourself in the shoes of the insurance shopper. If you had been searching for a better deal on your insurance policy, why would you be satisfied with just one quote.? We all recognize that insurance premiums can vary significantly state to state (even zip code to zip code), carrier to carrier, and are largely based on the customer driving history.  The challenge for companies like Compare Insurance Quotes is determining the optimal number of insurance companies to match the shopper to that will result in their satisfaction by receiving the competitive quotes they requested, and feeling like they don’t need to search elsewhere, or conversely, give up all together because they’re being inundated with too many calls, texts, and emails.  We’ve found, through a combination of client metrics and consumer feedback, that three matches are best for everyone involved.


Don’t tell anyone (shhh), but advertisers make more money selling shared internet leads.

Yes, it is true, advertisers like Compare Insurance Quotes do make more money in the long run when selling shared internet leads, but so do our clients! Allow me to illustrate. Keeping the information above in mind, if I were selling you exclusive leads for $17 to $20 each, how long might you stay on my service? If you were a rockstar at sales and capable of selling 1 out of every 10 leads, your cost per acquisition would be $170 to $200 per policy. But if you were to buy shared leads for $4 to $5 and had a sale roughly per every 30 leads you would be at $120 to $150 per policy. You are much more likely to continue buying leads from us with the lower cost per acquisition.  The reality is, by utilizing a shared lead model, we can provide more value to both agents and insurance shoppers.

Conclusion: Internet lead exclusivity is impossible.

I hope this article helps shed some light on why we don’t provide exclusive leads, and for any other company that does, it’s only exclusive to the extent they can control what other advertising the insurance shopper is exposed to, and that level of control does not exist.

A better way.

Now that you know you get a better bang for your buck when buying shared leads, you should also know that there’s an even more effective way to generate new business than the traditional lead buying you’re used to.  By which I mean buying X number of leads per day, paying on a cost-per-lead basis, dealing with refund requests, worrying about getting a return on your investment, and pulling your hair out daily!   

It’s a simple Auto Insurance Lead Subscription.

For one flat monthly fee you can get access to unlimited real-time auto leads within your state.

If you’d like to learn more click here:

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