The Season Pass Works

For over 11 years we have been working with insurance companies of all sizes to help them acquire new customers. In the beginning it was through the traditional lead model where we charged our partners for each lead we delivered, something we continue to do to this day for hundreds of agencies of all sizes.

At the beginning of 2019 new ideas began to emerge to try and solve some of the same old problems we have been grappling with since Compare Insurance Quotes opened back in 2009; the perceived quality of sales leads that go to customers and the inability to reach these leads on the phone after they have expressed interest in a new premium quote. In addition we looked at other issues that we knew were problematic. Tops among these were the facts that agents knew that when a new lead came in the door there was an urgency to drop everything and respond immediately. Agents were not in control of their day but rather it was dictated by the stream of leads coming in the door.

Our answer to all of these problems is the Season Pass solution for insurance agencies. For a monthly fixed flat fee a subscriber gets access to our customized dialing platform that gives them access to an unlimited pool of potential new customers waiting for a phone call to answer their insurance questions. With the revolutionary benefit to work when and how you want ….