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What you should know about Auto Insurance

Many factors contribute to the cost of your auto insurance:
• The age of the car – Is it new or used?
• The type of car – A sports car or a minivan? An SUV or a compact?
• Who will be covered – An individual, a family, a teen driver?
• How you use the vehicle – How many miles do you drive annually?
• Accidents or infractions – Have you had any in the past 5 years?
• The coverage you need – What should you include above the minimum required?
The experts at Compare Insurance Quotes can help you sort through all the options to make sure you are choosing the right protection.

Comparing Multiple Quotes
The lowest price does not mean inferior coverage, nor is it always the best choice. Compare Insurance Quotes will help you understand what you are getting with each company, and how to determine what you need based on your individual risk.
Many companies offer prepayment discounts that can lower the cost of your premium. The amount of coverage and the amount of the deductible can also be adjusted to lower your monthly premium. Be aware, however, this can mean higher out-of-pocket expenses when you have a claim.
Sound confusing? Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

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