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Simplifying Your Health Insurance Purchase

If you are responsible for securing your own health insurance, you know how complicated and expensive it can be. Compare Insurance Quotes demystifies the process of finding quality health insurance at a reasonable price. By accurately answering some simple questions about your health history and that of your family members, you can confidently compare plans from the nation’s top health insurance companies, and connect with national and local agents.

How to Save Money on Health Insurance

Health insurance can be a big portion of your budget, so it makes sense to shop around. Having too little insurance, or the wrong kind, can be as bad as not having insurance at all. Using the resources on Compare Insurance Quotes makes evaluating multiple quotes quick and easy. The first step is to understand thoroughly the health needs of you and your family in order to evaluate the type of coverage you need.

Balancing cost and coverage is a personal decision. There are a number of choices you can make that may result in lower costs, but you must understand they also impact coverage and out-of-pocket expenses down the road.

  • Do you want to keep your current doctors? Most medical policies are either a PPO (preferred provider organization) or an HMO (health maintenance organization). A PPO has a broader network of doctors to choose from, but also tends to have higher premiums. An HMO can save you money, but you will have fewer choices of doctors.
  • Can you afford a higher deductible? If you are young and generally healthy, only needing a yearly physical, then a higher deductible may make sense. You’ll pay less in monthly premiums, but in the case of a serious illness or injury, you will pay more out-of-pocket before coverage kicks in.
  • Are there services you don’t need? Eliminating coverage for services you know you won’t need, such as maternity coverage, can save you money. Be sure to give some thought to the future, however, because it may be difficult to add this type of coverage after the fact.

Health insurance protects your financial as well as your physical health. Medical bills are one of the main causes of personal bankruptcy. Having no insurance is not a reasonable option; saving money on the right coverage is the smart thing to do. Start saving now with Compare Insurance Quotes.